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  1. Ah with the mention of spiral … may I add another arm? The understanding from text to the actual world could be modelled by the framework on possible and fictional worlds. I have in mind especially the thinking of Lubomír Doležel.

    The possible-worlds framework enables us to reassert the status of historiography as an activity of noesis: its possible worlds are models of the actual past. Fiction making is the activity of poesis: fictional worlds are imaginary possible alternatives to the actual worlds

    I leave the question of trans world identity and the relation of noesis and poses — another arm of the spiral for another time.

    For a good digest of the work of Lubomír Doležel see:

  2. Noesis and poesis would seem to be, though, also involved in a dialectic relationship of mutual implication or dialectics, rather than being only polarities, which they are in a way. Thanks for the ref., François!

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